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49/52 Frosty Morning (lazy 52)

I now love waking up the time I do – it’s strange to her myself say it, as I used to be the sleep in king,View full post »

Rosemarys First walks

It’s been three weeks overdue but today was Rosemary the english setter first walk. She was ill when she wasView full post »

‘I look cute right? Now give me a treat’ 30 Days of Rosemary (5 of 30)

Tomorrow Rosemary is allowed to have her first walk! I can’t tell you how much much of pain she has been livingView full post »

‘Rosemary Listens’ 30 Days of Rosemary (4 of 30)

As Rosemary’s vaccinations were late she hasn’t been allowed to be walked outside our garden. This meansView full post »

Stranger 12/100 – Simon (the spoon player)

While shopping in Cambridge Simon started talking to me so we talked for a bit. He likes to engage people inView full post »

‘Puppys playing up’ 30 Days of Rosemary (3 of 30)

Sometimes there is nothing that can please this puppy, she seem to have days where she is just unmanageable andView full post »

‘Be careful where you tread’ 30 Days of Rosemary (2 of 30)

There’s lots of traits that rosemary has which can be very endearing but during parts of the day, can beView full post »

48/52 A new routine (lazy 52)

Rosemary has changed my routine, because of when she wakes up I now get up early and go to bed early. This picture wasView full post »

‘The two hour cycle’ 30 Days of Rosemary (1 of 30)

This project was suggested by Emily’s dad as a way to see how much Rosemary is growing daily. Not being one to turnView full post »

Rosemary’s First Snow

Looking after Rosemary is such a full time job that I’ve found it hard to bring my camera out, it’s taken aView full post »

Lincoln vs Cambridge {street photography}

Grow Here is my last street film taken in Lincoln and my first street film taken in Cambridge. I have already foundView full post »

Cathedral Day & Night (good bye lincoln pt3)

I wanted to have a ‘final’ leaving post for when I left Lincoln that was really dramatic and personal. I have rewrittenView full post »