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Rome // Film set //

Taken on a Rolleiflex T with Porta 400 asa film. Developed at UK Film LabView full post »

5 Ways to be more green in the home.

Change your energy supplier – Divest in fossil fuels and invest in green technologyView full post »

Merry Christmas ( A house in Soham )

Elizabeth Mitchell – Joy to the worldView full post »

Airport Sleepers ( mini series )

I had a lot of time to kill in the airport ( 10 hours ) and so I made a mini series to keep me entertained. All theseView full post »

5 Reasons why you should buy Fairtrade.

1) It reduces Poverty. Although Fairtrade certification doesn’t eliminate poverty, it certainly eases it.View full post »

Mike is a bigger poser than me

Trip Switch – NBT Here is a trip Mike and I took into Cambridge.    View full post »

5 Reasons why you should eat Organic food.

Me and Emily have been on a long road of carefully choosing what food we eat, where it comes from and the impact itView full post »

Being intentional < Some Random Thoughts >

Amy Seeley – How hard I try   I like being intentional. I’ve found that nothing really bad has everView full post »

A passed down camera pt2

Bad Bad Hats – Midway Here is the first batch of large format negatives I have scanned in from Barbara’sView full post »

A passed down camera

Laura Doggett – Phoenix A lady in my church, Barbara, gave me a camera box to look at ( I’m so sorry itView full post »

Survival Pack // A GEEKY POST //

Same Ol’ – The Heavy Just to warn you this is a geeky post! I don’t quite know how to say this but IView full post »

003 C3 Print Sale

Scott Matthews – The man who had everything Here are some more prints for the C3 print sale.  View full post »

30 days of 35mm (extra)

Scott Matthews – Ballerina These are the images that didn’t make the cutView full post »

30 days of 35mm

Muse – Defector This project has really helped me get to grips with this lens – which is great becauseView full post »


Sohn – Ransom Notes Some quick shots from Southend after a shootView full post »

German Beer Festival

Harps by Scott Matthews Here are some images from half a day in Erlangen GermanyView full post »

A Cambridge walkabout 2

Je Suis Pret – Brooke FraserView full post »

10 mins in Ely

The Wheel – Sohn I had 10mins before I caught a bus – these are all the pictures I took…View full post »

002 C3 Print sale

Here are some more prints for the C3 print sale.View full post »