A little trip to Ely

The month of August / beginning of September was a period of time where I travelled far and wide for my weddings (Oxford, Chichester, Norfolk).  Emily and I travelled to Ely the day before Saturday’s wedding in Norfolk. Emily had a hair cut and I wondered around in the sunshine.

These female ducks didn’t care that I was sitting with them as they were way too busy eating – I tried to pet them but I guess for them that was too far.

I found this antiques centre, the kind that rambles on for ages. There were plenty of cameras there for me to look at (all overpriced) but I did open the back of one camera and found a roll of undeveloped film, which I persuaded the owner to give to me. I’ll develop it next week and I guess I will upload any good shots here, if it comes out.

IMGL4529 IMGL4530 IMGL4533 IMGL4536 IMGL4548 IMGL4552 IMGL4554 IMGL4558 IMGL4564 IMGL4566 IMGL4569 IMGL4570 IMGL4581 IMGL4584 IMGL4669 IMGL4529 IMGL4585 IMGL4593 IMGL4604 IMGL4608 IMGL4619 IMGL4623 IMGL4628 IMGL4634 IMGL4585 IMGL4593 IMGL4604 IMGL4608 IMGL4619 IMGL4623 IMGL4635 IMGL4638 IMGL4640 IMGL4643 IMGL4648 IMGL4649 IMGL4671 IMGL4672 IMGL4673 IMGL4829


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