I will see you again in the long run

The Staves – Long Run

I’ve always promised that I wont shy away from photography that makes me sad, so here is a post about Emily and Leanne.

Recently I’ve taken more notice to the traces that we leave behind, silly things mainly. The finger-stokes of the last person to make the bed, the last objects used to share a drink, hand written notes. These small things can still exist a long time after someone has gone, but can remind you sometimes more permanently of the time you enjoyed together, often more than any other type of remembrance. What I love about these memory’s is that in truth they are silly – to another person they mean nothing, they are small, insignificant, even slightly embarrassing that they have any power over us at all. But I’ve found when you miss someone everything is important and nothing is too silly. Here are the last fingerprints of leanne’s trip to the UK that remain. We miss you dearly! we cant wait to see you again and next time it’s our turn to visit.

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Benjamin Murray - October 12, 2014 - 9:02 pm

Brilliant, simply brilliant!