A promise of more personal work

There has been one thing that has been missing from my photography of late. It’s a distinct lack of any personal pictures.

I think it’s because I take so many pictures for my ‘work’ that I forget I can also have fun and enjoyment with the art form I love. Another reason is because I’ve had a mini flirt with film photography and have realised I don’t love film as much as I thought I would. I think a lot of that is down to not owning a high quality film camera and not having enough money to invest in the amount of film I need. Regardless of those two things there is something about high end digital cameras that click with me more.

Me and Emily realised that over the course of the past year I had stopped taking pictures at the kind of events I used to document casually. Because of that there aren’t any pictures of a lot of events that, in hindsight, I would love to have documented – I feel regret about that. So with that new understanding I’m going to start bringing my camera to events again, with the aim of having fun. So friends + family, get used to seeing me with a camera again.

2016-03-31_0015 2016-03-31_0016 2016-03-31_0017 2016-03-31_0018 2016-03-31_0019 2016-03-31_0020