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My church Cambridge Community Church //C3// is building a fantastic new building in the heart of Cambridge. It’s an impressive building but needs funds to finish the first and second floor. With that I’ve decided I’m going to be doing some fund-raising to help finish the church off or at least provide some finishing touches.

Here is my pitch. I’m going to take some pictures of Cambridge of which I hope people will want to buy and all the proceeds of the profit of those prints will go to C3. With the aim that I raise £2000.00 over the course of a year or so. I’m going to encourage people to buy the prints for people as gifts, or for yourself as a reminder or what your investing into.

Below is my first batch of images I’m going to sell. Before I start up the just giving page, I need your help. I intend to sell three different print sizes 4×6 6×8 and 12×8 what prices should I set them at? I was thinking 4×6 = £30.00  6×8 = £50.00 and 12×8 £65.00. Discuss

2015-03-08_0032 2015-03-08_0033 2015-03-08_0034 2015-03-08_0035 2015-03-08_0036 2015-03-08_0037 2015-03-08_0038 2015-03-08_0039 2015-03-08_0040 2015-03-08_0041 2015-03-08_0042 2015-03-08_0043 2015-03-08_0044 2015-03-08_0045 2015-03-08_0046 2015-03-08_0047 2015-03-08_0048 2015-03-08_0049 2015-03-08_0050

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