30 days of 35mm

Muse – Defector

This project has really helped me get to grips with this lens – which is great because this is the reason why the project was started in the first place. I never knew how much a lens like this would benefit my work and although it’s still early days with using it at weddings, the impact for me at least has been quick.

I have also forgotten how hard these projects are, simply because my life is quite boring at times and there is nothing to photograph. So by no means are all these image stand out, there is a lot of filler. I didn’t also complete the project in 30 days it was more like 40 days, but hey who cares.

Lens Pros

  • Great for couple and single person photography
  • Value compared to the canon version
  • The quality of the DOF
  • The look and feel of the lens
  • Fast focusing
  • An amazing street photography lens ( now my go to lens )

Lens Cons

  •  Can be hard to get the focus on at 1.4

2015-06-08_0001 2015-06-08_0002 2015-06-08_0003 2015-06-08_0004 2015-06-08_0005 2015-06-08_0006 2015-06-08_0007 2015-06-08_0008 2015-06-08_0009 2015-06-08_0010 2015-06-08_0011 2015-06-08_0012 2015-06-08_0013 2015-06-08_0014 2015-06-08_0015 2015-06-08_0016 2015-06-08_0017 2015-06-08_0018 2015-06-08_0019 2015-06-08_0020 2015-06-08_0021 2015-06-08_0022 2015-06-08_0023 2015-06-08_0024 2015-06-08_0025 2015-06-08_0026 2015-06-08_0027 2015-06-08_0028 2015-06-08_0029 2015-06-08_0030



Rick Nunn - June 11, 2015 - 9:04 am

These are great Phil. You’ve got some awesome images. I especially love the dog in the long grass.

You know I love a good prime lens. They require a little more moving around but the sharpness of the in-focus areas combined with the silkiness of the out-of-focus areas feels so good.