Survival Pack // A GEEKY POST //

Same Ol’ – The Heavy

Just to warn you this is a geeky post!

I don’t quite know how to say this but I love post apocalyptic culture and zombies. I grew up on the resident evil games, I have played left 4 dead for years, I read the left for dead comic books – I’m a massive fan of the TV series and surviving in mine-craft makes me relaxed. There’s not only this element but I grew up camping and learning how to cope living in a woodland setting with the cubs and scouts. Which I feel so at home in and miss this kind of lifestyle currently.

So it might not surprise you that about a year ago I got into making a survival kit and learning more extensively how to survive in different situations. I love being prepared, and lot of my life is about planning for ‘just ifs’ so if anything this is an extension of that. I would like to say that I don’t believe Zombies will ever be a reality but I do believe in the general dangers of society and a world that is warming up and knowing how to survive in certain situations might be important.

Now this kit is by no means finished and I have a feeling it needs about 10 more items, but it’s slowly getting there and It’s currently stored in my car. Some items in this kit I acknowledge are ridiculous to have and to store – these items are more just in case everything ‘goes bad’ and really only a few items are very helpful. Here is the full kit so far:


  1. A water bottle
  2. A waterproof bag
  3. A box of goodies
  4. A general first add kit – I haven’t needed to add to this store brought kit
  5. A waterproof tin


Inside the waterproof tin

  1. A knot guide – so helpful when you need something to stay or have a quick realise
  2. A whistle – to signal danger or help
  3. A compass – it’s so important to know where you are
  4. A set of tin openers – so annoying if you have tinned food you cant open
  5. A fire starter
  6. A wire cutter for cutting small trees

Inside the plastic box

  1. Waterproof matches
  2. A multi tool
  3. Wire to make animal snares
  4. Water Purification tablets
  5. A signalling mirror
  6. A small fishing kit
  7. Foil blankets

( The waterproof tin box goes into this plastic box )