A weekend camping trip

Five Years time

Press play! I would be the first one to admit that sometimes I let the process of taking photos come before living life; instead of experiencing something, I document it. Which is strange in various aspects because the obsessive activity of taking photographs can make the images you take next to pointless, as you don’t live out the moments you photograph. Documentary photography should be an organic part of life and not come before it or get in the way of it. Emily in the past has unfortunately experienced the lonely consequences of this obsessive trait I have, and because of this I have vowed to change! One change for me was not to bring my digital camera along at all on this mini-holiday, and to shoot on film / iphone. Which means I shoot less, consider more shots and enjoy experiences more. Emily also joined in with the film fun! What I want to remember through these slideshow-holiday-esque pictures is FUN! They are not meant to be perfect or gallery-worthy, they are just an insight to our experiences on this holiday.

Cameras Used: Holga CFN, Lubitel 166+, Polaroid Land Camera 100, Polaroid Spectra, iphone4 + 4s

Photos taken: Bakewell, Buxton and Chatsworth House (UK)

Photo’s taken by Phil and Emily

  IMG_1850 IMG_5364 IMG_1857 56610012 Untitled-1 56610011 56610010 56610009 56620007

56620008 56610008 56610004 56610005 56610003 56610002 56610001 56610006 56630012a 56630011 56630010a IMG_1881 IMG_1868 56630009a 56630005 56630003 56630007 IMG_1908 Scan 2 IMG_1895 56630001 ww Scan a1 56620010a 56620011a IMG_1863 Untitled-1 56630006 56620006 IMG_1926 IMG_1909 IMG_5420 IMG_5445 IMG_5451 IMG_1911 Scanwz IMG_1933 56620003 56650012a 56650010 56620002 56650009 56640008a 56640007 56640005 56650007 56650008 56650011 IMG_1935 Scan 1 56620002a 56640002 56640003 56640001 56650004 Scan Scan 2a

jeanine - October 5, 2012 - 9:46 am

this makes me want to go camping now! 🙂

Photking - October 5, 2012 - 1:29 pm

Good!:) I love camping