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I didn’t realise how much I would enjoy looking back on our old house blogs. They really give me hope that all the work we are doing is worth while and that we are slowly making a difference and putting our stamp on our home.

This post is about our kitchen’s transformation.  It was a month-long project so we moved out and lived with the in-laws – it was great as it felt like a holiday. We have a great builder in the area and he project managed, which was good because he encountered a lot of problems (most electrical sockets were making something else live, the boiler and the radiator both were leaking).

The first thing we wanted as you can see below was to add more lighting – in certain places your shadow would make it hard to see what you were doing. We also wanted more floor space. Unseen in the ‘before’ pictures is the fridge/freezer which is next to me on the left in the first picture. Its placement made the kitchen feel cramped. We also wanted to take out the door and make it a bifold to free up even more space (the old door cut into the kitchen and was even dented from years of crashing into the cabinets). We so disliked the blue cabinets / tile combination, the broken oven, the redundant fan. The original flooring in the kitchen was ceramic tile (we have this throughout the ground floor) – in the kitchen, the flooring was in such bad condition that a lot of it it was splintered, shattered and wobbly. It was also very cold underfoot!

Something that couldn’t be captured on camera for obvious reasons was the smell of the old kitchen. No amount of cleaning could entirely get rid of the odour of cooking fat which lingered in the old cabinets.

Happily, we LOVE our new kitchen! It feels like such a tranquil space to spend time in now, all the appliances work properly, and we have so much more floor and cupboard space.

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Susie Hearing - March 24, 2016 - 11:48 am

it is warm room x