Tupholme Abbey {a}

No Pun Intended

I’ve wanted to visit this location for a while, its a abbey that was built in 1160 about 30mins away from Lincoln city center. It’s such a shame it fell into disrepair as it was massive! There used to be a large church, cloister, a chapter house but now most of it is gone (because of the reformation) apart from this inner kitchen wall which is the only thing that remains. I had the pleasure of going with Pete Hugo who is currently doing a self potrait 365 which I think makes a person more open to visiting locations and doing crazy ideas. I also know what it’s like to be stuck in a place with limited locations doing a 365 so I wanted to help him out. I really liked this place and might have the chance to use it in a shoot – the only downside was the sheep. They were just milling around which is fine BUT their poo was everywhere, you couldn’t help stand in it, we dropped stuff in the poo and I even climbed ontop of a wall and there was some poo. To much poo!

Please take some time and read up on what this place used to be like here and here There also more pictures to come from this set a self portait and a + I collect old cameras + shot all in good time

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