Andrew and His drone

I never used to be a fan of Drones. I used to think they were noisy, obnoxious and to a greater extent frivolous. I spend a lot of time thinking about how to simplify my photographic style and put greater emphasis on moments, part of this process is about using less gear. This is why I have two / three lenses I use all the time.

So while I still don’t have a place for drones in my equipment locker ( yet ) I am now a fan. This change happened when I learnt about and used the Phantom 4. This thing is a beauty to fly, not that intrusive, quiet and the footage speaks for itself. An impressive 4k and 12mp camera! It’s just a shame it’s Andrews and not mine!

2016-05-25_0073 2016-05-25_0074 2016-05-25_0075 2016-05-25_0076 2016-05-25_0077 2016-05-25_0078 2016-05-25_0079 2016-05-25_0080 2016-05-25_0081 2016-05-25_0082 2016-05-25_0083 2016-05-25_0084 2016-05-25_0085 2016-05-25_0086 2016-05-25_0087 2016-05-25_0088 2016-05-25_0089 2016-05-25_0090 2016-05-25_0091 2016-05-25_0092

Andrew Zoppi - May 25, 2016 - 7:17 pm

THIS IS EPIC! Fly again soon.