24 hour project

This 24hour project idea came to me back in 2007 when I had finished a self-portrait 365 project. The main problem of doing a 24 hour project is what to do when you’re sleeping for 8 hours; so the idea was shelved. Until a plan for a crazy trip was formed, which was essentially structured around a 24 hour day anyway. I enjoyed this project simply because there was so much I couldn’t control, it was chaotic and at points frustrating, so realistically the kind of challenge I enjoy. We left for Bruges from Cambridgeshire at 12.20am on Saturday morning, I quickly set up alarms for every hour and I set to it. The pictures you see here are as accurate with the timings as I can remember, I didn’t get much sleep and I didn’t write anything down. Thank you for looking and for your support!

Dartford crossing 1am – I realised with the first shots that there would be lots of travel shots, mainly in the car. Which is hard work! How do you make 4 / 5 shots of the same thing different?

Pre- Dover 2am – No sleep by this point of course. A long exposure of our travels.

Waiting for our ferry 3am – as with any ferry journey there can be a bit of waiting. This is Sam as we wait to be loaded on.

Leaving Dover 4am – I love this view of the Cliffs of Dover ( to be honest it makes me emotional every time I see it ) Bye England…

Noisy Neighbours 5am – So everyone on the ferry tries to find a place to sleep, lying in strange and awkward positions on floors and chairs. In the middle of it and next to us this family decides to watch YouTube videos of music very loudly for way too long. Come on people, be more sensitive! I had to relocate to another place to sleep.

Arrival in France 6am – My alarm woke me up ( the Final Countdown is what my phone plays as the alarm ), I looked around and I saw people laughing at me… Embarrassed, groggy I raised my camera and took this strange shot.

In Belgium 7am – Hello Belgium! It really doesn’t take that long to get to Bruges and I enjoy this part of the trip due to the anticipation.

Waffles 8am – What a sight to behold, an empty pretty Bruges and the first waffles of the day #waffleporn

The first pub 9am – of course after breakfast we went on the hunt for Belgian Beer – which I now have a taste for thanks to Sam. This was a strange place ( Belgium is strange ) especially because the bartender didn’t even know his drinks. Sam enjoyed the rock and roll as we reclined.

The couple opposite us 10am – we sat and had our first drink in front of this couple. It was like watching a scene from a romantic movie!

A shop window 11am – We went searching for our next haunt and passed this shop on the way. It’s a very full shop!

The best beer in Belgium? 12pm – Of course beer. I don’t think I had ever fully appreciated De Garre till this point. So smooth, but hits you like a tank.

A man waiting 1pm – Still in this excellent pub and I spot a man waiting! I can’t remember what for because beer.

A man watching the world go by 2pm – A walk back to our car to drop off some presents we’d bought. I spotted this man and he seemed all too happy for me to take his picture. Thank you stranger!

A midday snack 3pm – These were good waffles, freshly made. A dream.

Our first ‘meal’ of the day 4pm – By this point we had walked 8 miles and hadn’t eaten any food apart from waffles and had maybe slept 4 hours? Needless to say, we weren’t looking too good. Me and Sam struggled to talk and it was almost suggested that we could put our heads on the table to sleep. Boy we needed real food, when it came all was new.

On the road 5pm – In Belgium the wind turbines are different to the UK.

Waiting to be allowed through 6pm – It took so long to get onto the ferry, thus this beautiful fence.

Waiting to be allowed through 7pm – and this beautiful seagull (oof)…a chance to snooze and nap though

On the way home 8pm – Here I enjoyed watching the shapes of the waves form and dissipate.

Two lovers embrace 9pm – Those cliffs, I had no one to hug so I took this picture.

So close but so far from home 10pm – Tired, uncreative. I tried, I failed.

Thats a sign for Cambridge 11pm – a sign.

The streetlight outside my house 12pm – HOME, what a journey, what a day, Sam let’s do it again. Maybe in Murica?