Radiohead gig

Radiohead - Lotus Flower

On Monday 8th October me and Emily had the pleasure of going to the 02 Arena in London to see Radiohead. They have been my favourite band throughout my entire life – I grew up listening to their second and third studio album, and their subsequent albums have continued to influence me. I’ve always felt that different stages of my life have been connected to each album emotionally, so for me this gig is one of the biggest of my life and as you can imagine I was quite excited! Being part of Radiohead’s fan base w.a.s.t.e we got queue jump tickets and after 2 and a half hours were some of the first 100 or so in the venue. The gig itself was amazing and the visuals added to the overall dynamic. The digitial screens moved and glided to co-ordinate with the songs, couple that with a full house of 20k people it was a night to remember. Here are some pictures I took on my iphone throughout the day and gig.

IMG_5573 IMG_5579 IMG_5572 IMG_5616 IMG_5626 IMG_5647 IMG_5677 IMG_5677 IMG_5698 IMG_5721 IMG_5743 IMG_5732 IMG_5738